Socrative Student Login

By Eusha Omar

Socrative is an easy-to-use student response system used by teachers and students to create customized quizzes, surveys and polls. By using Socrative, instructors can quickly and easily gauge their students' understanding in real time. In order to take part in activities created by their instructor, students must first log in.

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5. Teacher Login - Socrative
Effortlessly assess and engage your students while visualizing learning progress in real-time with instant results. Teacher Login. Email. Password.

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  • How do I log into Socrative as a student?

    Students can log in to Socrative from any desktop or laptop browser at Enter your teacher’s unique room code provided by them during class to join the activity session.

    Is there an app for Socrative?

    Yes, there are apps available for both iOS and Android devices. Simply search for ‘Socrative Student’ on the App Store or Google Play Store when you’re ready to log in with your teacher's unique room code.

    Can I use Socrative on my phone or tablet?

    Yes, you can download the apps available on iOS and Android App Stores - then just enter your teacher's unique room code when asked. Your device will be connected to the same activity session as other students using Socrative Student web version on desktop or laptop browsers.

    What if I forget my teacher's unique room code?

    Contact your teacher directly to get another copy of the unique room code they provide during class - make sure you have it before you attempt to join a session with other classmates!

    Logging into Socrative as a student is simple and easy - just follow these steps and join any activities your instructor may have set up for you! This guide covered some frequently asked questions regarding logging into Socrative as a student - so now you are ready to get started!