Fordham Blackboard Login

By Eusha Omar

Blackboard is the online learning platform used by Fordham University. In order to access the online resources and tools, students must log in with their university credentials. This guide will walk you through logging into your account and provide relevant FAQs about the process.

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  • How do I log into my Fordham University Blackboard account?

    To log into your account, visit from any web browser on your device. Then enter your full Fordham email address and password associated with your account in the appropriate fields. Click “Login” to access your resources and tools.

    What if I forgot my password?

    If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password?” link under the login box at and follow the instructions provided to reset it. If needed, you can also contact Fordham Technology Services at (212) 636-HELP or [email protected] for assistance with resetting or recovering a lost password.

    What should I do if I'm receiving an error message when trying to log in?

    If you are receiving an error message when attempting to log in, make sure that all of the information entered is correct (i.e., spelling of username, case sensitivity for passwords). If you are still having trouble after verifying this information, contact Technology Services at (212) 636-HELP or [email protected] for additional assistance with resolving any login issues.

    Logging into Blackboard is necessary for accessing most of your online course materials and resources while attending Fordham University; however, some roadblocks may arise when trying to get started on Blackboard due to user errors or technical difficulties experienced on behalf of the school's website/server structure. Knowing how to login as well as where to go for guidance when encountering login problems can ease any frustration you may experience when wanting access to important academic resources provided by Blackboard.