Cs First Student Login

By Eusha Omar

CS First Student Login provides an account for students to enable easy access to the various resources, tools, and games available on the platform. With the CS First Student login in place, students are able to access projects they have already made or join new activities as they learn more coding and computer science principles.

Table Of Content:

3. CS First: Teach Computer Science & Coding to Kids
CS First: Teach Computer Science & Coding to KidsSign in to get more benefits · Allow students to save their work · Manage class progress with a dashboard · Get a classroom kit that is free of charge ...

7. CS-First/Scratch - Create and Code
CS-First/Scratch - Create and CodeDo not go any further until you have recorded this username and password. If you are participating in person, ask for a Student Login sheet from your instructor ...

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  • How do I get a CS First Student Login?

    To set up a CS First Student Login, you must first create an account using your school's approved sign-in method such as Google or Clever. Once you’ve done that, click the “Login” button at the top of to enter your login credentials.

    What student information does CS First store?

    CS First does not store any student data within our system other than basic user information like name, email address, and unique ID number (if applicable). However, any project names or creations that students save would be saved within their own personal Google Drive or Classroom accounts.

    Is there any cost associated with having a CS First student login?

    No! The CS First program is completely free for students and educators alike!

    Are there age restrictions on who can use a CS First student login?

    No! All ages of learners are welcome to explore and create projects with CS First! However, if you are under 13 years old, be sure you have permission from your parent or guardian before signing up for an account.

    CS First Student Login offers learners of all ages a great opportunity to explore coding and computer science concepts in an engaging environment. With this login method in place, teachers can customize course materials for their classes while students easily access existing projects as well as join new activities to learn more about coding from home or school.