Avigilon Cloud Services Login

By Eusha Omar

Avigilon Cloud Services Login provides a secure and reliable cloud-based platform for clients to access their video surveillance system. It helps them maintain control of their security operations, manage camera devices, and review video content. This service is designed to give customers the power to monitor various types of activities across multiple sites.

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1. Avigilon Cloud Services
Sign in. Organization region. USA. Select the region of your ACS deployment. If you don't know, contact your administrator. Email address or username.

9. Avigilon Cloud Storage & Video Surveillance Solution - Videoloft
Avigilon Cloud Storage & Video Surveillance Solution - VideoloftConnect Avigilon cameras & recorders to the cloud. Cloud video surveillance & storage solution for Avigilon security systems.

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  • What is Avigilon Cloud Services?

    Avigilon Cloud Services is a secure cloud-based platform that allows clients to access their video surveillance system remotely. It also supports the ability to manage camera devices and review video footage.

    How do I access my Avigilon Cloud Services account?

    To access your Avigilon Cloud Services account, you must have an active user ID and password. Once these credentials are entered into the login page, you will be able to access your account.

    What type of video footage can I view with Avigilon Cloud Services?

    With Avigilon Cloud Services, you can view live or recorded video from any of your connected cameras or DVRs in high definition resolution. You can also configure video settings such as frame rate, resolution, storage location, etc., for each individual camera device.

    Where do I go if I have technical issues with my Avigilon Cloud Services account?

    If you experience any technical difficulties while using your Avigilon Cloud Service account, please contact the customer service team by visiting the support portal at A customer service representative will be able to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise.

    What type of security measures does Avigilon Cloud Services offer?

    The security measures offered by Avigilon Cloud Services include advanced encryption technology which ensures that all data transmitted between users' computers and servers is securely encrypted before it is sent over the internet; authentication features that allow users to securely log in with two-factor authentication; as well as malware protection from viruses and malicious code which can compromise user data.

    Avigilon Cloud Service Login provides a convenient yet secure way for customers to access their video surveillance system remotely from anywhere in the world at anytime. Its comprehensive features ensure maximum efficiency when viewing or managing uploaded videos or camera devices from multiple sites simultaneously making it an ideal solution for anyone looking for reliable cloud services for their businesses’ protection needs.