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By Eusha Omar

Amplifon is an online hearing provider that offers a comprehensive range of products and services for those who are hard of hearing. They provide custom-fit hearing aids, cochlear implants, accessories, and audiology services such as hearing tests and tinnitus treatment. The company also offers an online portal for customers to access their account information and order products or services.

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5. Amplifon
AmplifonWelcome to Amplifon Hearing Health Care. Learn more about how we provide hearing care benefits with top-notch service to over 50 million members.

10. Find a Provider | ATRIO Health Plans - Oregon
Find a Provider | ATRIO Health Plans - OregonAmplifon: Routine Hearing services are provided by Amplifon. To locate an Amplifon Provider near you, click here. VSP: Vision Coverage is administered ...

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