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By Eusha Omar

Accountable2You is a safe and secure web-based service that allows parents, employers, and other guardians to create agreements with both themselves and their children or employees. This service enables individuals to monitor, enforce, track and communicate specific responsibilities so they can stay in control of their life while providing freedom and safety.

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4. Accountable2You: Accountability Software for Digital Temptations
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6. Internet Accountability and Monitoring | Accountable2You
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  • What is Accountable2You?

    Accountable2You is a web-based service that helps users create agreements with themselves and those they supervise so that the user can stay in control while providing freedom and safety.

    How does Accountable2You work?

    Accountable2You works by allowing users to create agreements that involve monitoring, enforcing, tracking and communication specifics responsibilities. The service also provides tools for reviewing usage of devices as well as tracking how tasks are completed over time.

    How do I sign up for Accountable 2 You?

    Signing up for Accountable2You is easy; simply click the ‘Sign Up’ button on the website or search for "Accountable2You" on your Google Play or App Store app. Once you have downloaded the app or signed up online, you'll need to fill out your details and agree to any terms before being able to log into your account.

    Is there any cost associated with using Accountable2You?

    There are varying costs associated with different levels of use for the service; however all accounts start off with a free 30 day trial period in which no payment is required.

    Through its services, Accountable 2 You provides a safe and secure way for parents, employers and other guardians to better manage accountability between parties involved while offering freedom and safety at the same time.