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By Eusha Omar

ABC Legal is an online legal system that helps organizations and individuals to quickly and easily manage their entire case lifecycle. It provides users with a convenient and secure way to access, search, store, collaborate on and share their legal documents from anywhere. With its easy-to-use tools, users can streamline the organization of their cases, significantly reduce personnel costs and make sure all cases are handled professionally.

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ABC Legal Services | Process Service for High-Efficiency Law FirmsABC Legal provides fast and easy service of process, anywhere. Upload documents to local process servers, watch every step online and receive confirmation.
Service of Process | ABC LegalGet quick, compliant , and accurate Service of Process delivered across all jurisdictions. Serve anywhere with our nationwide network of process servers.
MLQ Attorney Service has combined with ABC Legal.... same great service from your Atlanta-based team, plus new online tools and access to process servers worldwide. MLQ_logo_white · Login to >>.

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  • What does ABC Legal do?

    ABC Legal provides a comprehensive platform for managing the entire case lifecycle for organizations and individuals. It offers secure access, storage, search capabilities and collaboration tools for legal documents.

    What are some of the benefits of using ABC Legal?

    Users can easily organize their cases while also reducing personnel costs as they eliminate manual processes involved in document storage. Additionally, they have access to professional services when needed since all data stored is securely backed up by the system.

    How secure is the data stored in ABC Legal?

    All data stored within ABC Legal is securely backed up to ensure the integrity of information at all times. Furthermore, it uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to protect user data while it’s transferred between devices or network resources.

    Is there any customer support available if I need help with using ABC Legal?

    Yes, there is customer support available via email or phone if you need help with using the system. Additionally, there are various online tutorials that can guide you through certain tasks or features within the system as well.

    Does ABC Legal offer any additional services other than document management?

    Yes, ABC Legal also offers various other services such as contract drafting & document review services as well as filing in multiple counties throughout California for legal matters such as family law.

    ABC Legal is an excellent platform for both organizations and individuals looking to efficiently manage their legal cases and documents securely from any location with ease. Its robust feature set supports many key functionalities while providing consumer-grade security measures to protect your confidential information at all times.